Friday, August 11, 2006

Bio Gas Digester

The first ever Biogas Digester Project in Ampara District was recently inaugurated by CASP’s Project Vice-President, Mr. Victor Petrescu, at Ampara's Hardy Institute to mark its Golden Jubilee Celebration.

CASP, which has undertaken the task of preparing a Master Plan to aid in the rebuilding the tsunami-ravaged Ampara District, completed this project in a very short time under the supervision of its Director of Finance and Administration, M.M. Razeen. Lewis HMJ Consultants Inc. of Canada, Ray Halsey (President/Director) and Tom Hartz (Environmental Services Manager)had previously visited the site and found that the location was suitable, with required raw materials and inputs available on site.

A simple ceremony to mark the opening of the project was attended by Mr. Razeen, Hardy Institute Director NMKK Mawaratna, Environmental Specialist M.A.C. Najeeb, CASP Manager-Teaching & Training S.V.S. Imbuldeniya, and staff from CASP's Akkaraipattu and Kalmunai offices.

”The project is first of its kind in the region and will greatly benefit students who are interested in studying biogas digesters as a pre-vocational subject. At the same time, they can also make use of the gas for domestic purposes,” said Mr. Razeen, who took a major role in implementing this project.