Saturday, December 09, 2006

NGOs Meeting in Akkaraipattu

BELOW: Al-Haj. MI Abdel Qadir, JP [right] addresses participants [photo at bottom] in Sinhalese while MSM Harris, President of FORED [left], translates to Tamil.ActionAid International, in partnership with three local NGOs, ERRO LANKA, FORED, and SWEIDO VISION, held a meeting at the Athaullah Auditorium in Akkaraipattu on December 7th, 2006. The purpose of the gathering was to brief the civil community and media personnel about the programmes and other works these groups have carried out in selected areas of Ampara District.

The area's Divisional Secretaries, civil society leaders, religious leaders, other NGOs, and beneficiaries were invited to the meeting. The three local NGOs working with ActionAid International detailed their work progress and focus areas. Around 300 people were in attendance and photographs were displayed throughout the auditorium to demonstrate the groups' accomplishments.