Monday, March 05, 2007

Peace Programme for Schoolchildren

On Saturday, March 3rd, the Foundation for Coexistence (FCE) held an event for the war- and tsunami-affected children of the District at Hardy Technical College in Ampara. The function was presided over by I.M. Ibrahim, District Coordinator for the Foundation for Coexistence, and the programme of focus, 'Listen to their Voices', was funded by UNICEF and implemented by the FCE in Ampara.More than 300 children from the Muslim, Tamil, and Sinhalese communities in Nintavur, Karaitivu, Gonagala, and Galpitigala participated in the programme. Project Directors Ravi Bandu and Arunthathi Sriranganathan of UNICEF were the Chief Guests in this effort to further foster coexistence among schoolchildren of different ethnicities.

Participants expressed confidence that more programmes of this nature could help with understanding and coexistence among the various communities living in the District.