Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dr. Gary Morgan examines Livestock Sector

After much work, including considerations of the Local Advisory Committee meetings conducted in the various livestock-producing areas of Ampara District, CASP's Master Plan for the livestock sector is nearing completion.

Dr. Gary Morgan, Vice President of CASP and an expert in livestock issues, travelled to Sri Lanka recently for this purpose. After meetings and discussions with the Ministry and Provincial Officials of the Livestock Sector in the Ministry, Dr. Morgan visited various dairy farms in places where dairy farmers have been actively engaged in livestock.

CASP Livestock Specialist, T. Chandrapragasam, then took Dr. Morgan to Pottuvil, Alayadivembu, Akkaraipattu, Addalaichenai, and Ampara to show him the current situation.Also on the agenda were discussions with NGO representatives who are very interested in expanding their livestock activities, which were inspected Dr. Morgan and who also investigated the feasibility of implementing these projects with funding assistance.

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