Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New MOH Office for Pottuvil!

Pottuvil MOH Office, which has hitherto been functioning in a private building with minimum facilities, has now been provided with a new building with all amenities.

The new MOH Office and its quarters, costing Rs.50 million set apart by Italian Corporation and implemented by Movimondo, was declared open by Ambassador for Itali Pio Mariani on Monday, October 9th in a grand ceremony organized by the Staff of the MOH Office, headed by MOH Dr. MMM. Sameem. A special religious ceremony was also organised to mark the occasion.

The Ambassador, along with the Deputy Provincial Director of Health Services – Kalmunai Dr.A.L.M. Nazeer, Head of Italian Corporation Gian Pietro Testolin, the Head of Project Movimondo, and Medical Officers of the Division, were taken on a huge procession, while flanked by a school band, to the venue of the meeting: the new MOH Office building.

Speaking at this ceremony, Ambassador Pio Mariani said he was happy to help with an outstanding problem in Pottuvil. He also said that he looked forward to contributing other assistance in the future and hoped this would further strengthen the friendship between Sri Lanka and Italy.

DPDH Dr. Nazeer subsequently thanked the Ambassador, Italian Corporation, and Movimondo for helping the people of Pottuvil.