Sunday, March 25, 2007

Goods Exhibition for International Women’s Day

Above: Dr. Anuszia Senathirajah & M.M. Razeen of CASP with the members of the Affected Women's Forum and their painted potteries.

The Affected Women's Forum of Akkaraipattu celebrated International Women’s Day at a ceremony held in the Cultural Hall of the Alayadivembu Pradeshiya Sabah on March 18, 2007.

The highlight of the celebration was the exhibition of goods produced by the tsunami-affected women of Alayadivembu in Ampara District. These included various food items, potteries, aluminium fittings, paintings, plants, and masonry goods created by the affected women of this area.

All the products were price-marked and sold to those in attendance. The organisers said that the exhibition was very successful and that most of the goods were sold to the people who visited this exhibition.
Above: More items made by the tsunami-affected women.