Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tamil and Sinhalese newspapers launched in Ampara District

Eastern Publications (Pvt) Ltd has released a Sinhalese news weekly, Nagenahira, and a Tamil news weekly, Kizhaku Sooriyan, for the Sinhalese and Tamil reading public in eastern Sri Lanka. To mark this occasion, a launch ceremony was held on June 3rd in the Ampara Town Hall where journalists, religious dignitaries, NGOs, local politicians, and renowned businessmen were in attendance.The Editor of Nagenahira, George De Silva, said in his address that these papers are intended to create understanding, coexistence, harmony, and peace among the three ethnic communities living in the east that are now divided due the existing war. People living overseas and interested in bringing peace and development to a Sri Lanka that has been deteriorated by war and the recent tsunami are funding the publications.

The weekly papers are priced at Rs. 25/- and are now available in many shops in Ampara District. They carry stories and articles on politics, history, culture, science, education, and current events in the District. The weekly publications also carry a model question paper for the benefit of students studying in Grade V and hoping to participate in the scholarship examination in August this year.

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