Monday, September 10, 2007

EU-Ampara Parnership MOU signed

Many significant Development Projects covering all sectors are to be implemented in Ampara District with the signing of an MOU by the European Union Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Julian Wilson, and the Ampara Government Agent, Sunil Kannanagara. The signing took place at the District Secretary’s Conference Hall in the presence of representatives from INGOs working in Ampara District who wish to move forward as partners to solve the major needs of the District.The EU-Ampara Partnership is funded by the European Union in the amount of EUR 78 million (approx. LKR 11,388,000.00), which will contribute towards the rehabilitation and sustainable development of Ampara District. The Partnership funds are delivered through eight partners working with local authorities and also with the National Ministries (RDA and Nation Building & Reconstruction) to ensure an integrated approach to the development of the entire district.

The EU-Ampara Partnership is comprised of the following programmes:
  • Reconstruction of Siyambalanduwa/Pottuvil/Akkaraipattu roads [EUR 13.5 million] co-financed by the ADB and Ministry of Highways;
  • Community Access Roads Programme (CAP) [EUR 30 million] implemented through IOM and local authorities;
  • Community Livelihood Support Programme (CLSP) [EUR 10 million] implemented through IOM and local authorities;
  • Livelihood Development Programme (LDP) [EUR 0.7 million] implemented through UNDP and local authorities;
  • North East Housing Reconstruction Programme (NEHRP) [EUR 13 million] co-financed by the World Bank and Ministry of Nation Building and Reconstruction;
  • Environmental Remediation Programme [EUR 10 million] implemented through UNOPS and local authorities;
  • Two environmental remediation actions under the ASIA PRO ECO HB – Post Tsunami programme in Kalmunai [EUR 1 million] co-financed with the City of Munich and Province of Modena and local authorities.
The EU-Ampara Partnership is committed to deliver aid to all vulnerable communities in the District and will ensure that the allocation of resources is strictly guided by the principles of equity.

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