Wednesday, July 04, 2007

GOAL completes Al-Jalal School with Minister Ashraff at opening ceremonies

The Sri Lanka Minister of Housing and Common Amenities, Ferial Ismail Ashraff, was the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of Al-Jalal Viddyalaya school in Sainthamaruthu on June 25th. Students, teachers, and well-wishers of the school gave the minister an enthusiastic welcome on her arrival, followed by a large procession that included GOAL's Country Director, John Wain, and Team Leader, Stefan McEneaney, as well as the Divisional Secretary for Sainthamaruthu, A.L.M. Saleem.The new three-storey school building was constructed by GOAL Ireland and includes a computer room, a laboratory, and an assembly hall. Minister Ashraff declared the school open by unveiling the plaque on the building, while GOAL's Country Director and the school Principal, A.A. Rasool, cut the ribbons for the openings of the computer room and the school laboratory respectively.

Principal Rasool noted that "the cost of the building together with furniture, computers, sporting equipment, and land was around 110 million Rupees". At the meeting after the opening ceremonies, the Principal further explained that Al-Jalal Viddyalaya was established in 1951 as a mixed school and, after the destruction of the December 2004 tsunami, it was functioning as an evening school at Zahira College in Kalmunai. The current student population is 1,026.

The principal, teachers, students, and others gratefully acknowledged the work of GOAL's John Wain and Stefan Mc Eneaney and honoured them with the draping of gold shoals.Above (left to right): Stephen McEneaney (Team leader - GOAL, Ampara), John Wain (Country Director - GOAL), Minster Ferial Asraff, A.A. Rasool (School Principal), and A.L.M. Saleem (Divisional Secretary - Sainthamaruthu)

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