Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gender Awareness for University Staff

CASP’s Centre for Gender Studies, located at South Eastern University in Ampara District, hosted a gender awareness programme for University staff at the Oluvil Campus Auditorium on Thursday, March 26, 2007.

Dr. Anuszia Senathirajah, a lecturer at the Oluvil Campus and CASP's Gender Manager, organised and conducted this programme. She explained to the audience the purpose of setting up the Centre at the Oluvil Campus, the programmes to be carried out, and the challenges facing the Centre in addressing women’s issues.

A.G. Husain Ismail, Vice Chancellor of the University, and Victor Petrescu, CASP Project Coordinator, were also present and addressed the audience. The Vice Chancellor stressed the importance of finding a solution for women’s issues and thanked CASP for setting up the Centre for Gender Studies.

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