Friday, June 15, 2007

Governor announces new Office for Animal Production and Health

Hon. Re. Admiral Mohan Wijewickrama, RSP, USP, Governor of the Eastern Province, was the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of the Assistant Director’s Office of the Department of Animal Production and Health in Ampara on Tuesday, June 12th. The Provincial Director and Assistant Director of the Department, Dr. C.K. Sivapalasingham and M.C.M. Junaid respectively, and veterinary surgeons from the twelve D.S divisions were present along with their officers and livestock farmers.

The Governor cut the ribbon and lighted the traditional oil lamp to declare the office open. At the meeting held after this function the Governor said that the veterinary surgeons and officers of the Department of Animal Production and Health had been functioning from the Director’s office in Batticaloa while covering Ampara District, which is a very large area.The surgeons and officers had to travel a long distance to Panama, down south, and to Mahoya south-west of Batticaloa. This was quite costly and took several days to render their services to the poor and down-trodden livestock farmers of Ampara District.

“This office, opened under Mahinda Chintana, will help develop livestock farming in Ampara District and will benefit livestock farmers while reducing the difficulties of veterinary surgeons and other officers of this
sector who were operating from the Batticaloa district,” said the Governor.

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