Friday, December 28, 2007

Top spot for potato cultivation

Daily News (page 4) - December 28 2007
Potato cultivation has been given a place of pride in CASP's (Canadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership) development activities envisaged for Ampara district this year and all arrangements in these connections are ready.

On the advice of CASP's president Douglas MacArthur and the support given by CIDA CASP's Potato Specialist M.I.M. Nazeer has undertaken this project in Alayadivembu, Wangamam, Padiyathalawa, Safa Nagar, Kudtjvil, Samanthurai, Barakath Nagar and Wehetagama covering all three communities and it is a hive of activity at present. Potato Specialist Nazeer who was responsible for successful potato cultivation last year witnessed by Minister Ferial Ashraff has been visiting the Potato Cultivators and providing them with all assistance and giving them the technical know how.

The Canadian Agro Sustainability partnership is the lead organization to mobilize and co-ordinate Canadian interests and expertise in International sustainable agriculture. CASP is headquartered in Prince Edward Island and its founding members are PEI in its Institutional Organizations are active in International Agriculture. Other leading agricultural organisations of Canada are also members of CASP. It is also informed that CASP also focuses on Agricultural Development needs, opportunities including cropping systems, aquaculture, agro-process, food safety, agro forestry and related educational and environmental co-considerations.

Caption: Potato cultivation has once again been given a pride of place in CASP's (Canadian Agro Sustainability Partnership) programme envisaged in Ampara District. Here, CASP's Potato Specialist M.I. Nazeer (left) is giving instructions to the cultivators who are willingly engaged in this Project in Wangamam in Irrakkamam DS Division. CASP's Amapra Manager I.R. Mirzaa and Ampara District Forest Officer M.A.I. Suhood were also present.

Picture by MA Phakurdeen, Addalaichenai group correspondent