Friday, March 28, 2008

Training should be continuous to fulfil needs of the people

Daily News (page 3) - March 28, 2008

The Akkaraipattu Computer Training Centre conducted by CASP (Canadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership) held its first ever Certificate Awarding Ceremony in a grand manner at the ACTC hall on Saturday in the presence of a large gathering of youth of the district.

The ceremony was presided over by the Manager of the Centre M.A.S. Deen and was attended by CASP's Project Co-Director David Boyce as Chief Guest and Ampara Manager I.R. Mirzaa as guest of honour. Prior to the ceremony, the Guest David Boyce and Guest of Honour I.R. Mirzaa were garlanded by the students and were taken in a procession flanked by the students.

One hundred and twenty four students who underwent training in Certificate in Online Communication, Certification in Computerized Accounting, Diploma in Computerized Accounting, Certificate in Intermediate Diploma in Computer Hardware, Diploma in Graphic Design, Diploma in Office Management and Diploma in Leadership Management received their Certificates of Merit from the Chief-Guest David Boyce.

In his keynote address, David Boyce outlined the Master Plan which CASP has assigned to prepare and he was happy to say that they have completed this task and paid a glowing tribute to those who were extending their fullest support to complete this assignment. He said CASP is, however, determined to continue the demonstrations projects such as Centre for Gender Studies, Potato Cultivation and Computer Training Centre.

Touching upon the Computer Training Centre, he said the Centre has been going ahead with its task efficiently in consideration with the desperate need of the youngsters of the area. "I am happy to note that a group of youth is leaving us after successfully completing their courses in their respective fields. This is a great achievement and this trend should go continuously fulfilling the need and inspiration of the people. He also added that gaining knowledge is not a limiting factor so every one of us must be determined to gain knowledge not only to benefit for themselves but also the society they belonged to. Then only our goal can be achieved".

Manager M.A.S. Deen said that we must always be thankful to CASP and its President Douglas MacArthur for the smooth functioning of this Computer Training Centre. He also said that the Centre has made all arrangements to streamline its activities with the shifting of this Centre to a new place. Hence, he made an appeal to the outgoing students to take this message to the colleagues to enroll them to widen their IT and English knowledge.

Ms. Narjees, who spoke on behalf of the outgoing students, paid a glowing tribute to the President of CASP Douglas MacArthur and the Vice-President Jeff MacArthur for affording them the opportunity, especially the youth of the area, to widen their knowledge in the field of Information and Technology and English Languages. This was a rare oppottunity and we should always be grateful to you, she said.

Ampara Manager I.R. Mirzaa and Course Co-Coordinator - Administrative Officer A.R. Faizaan also spoke.

MA Phakurdeen, Addalaichenai group correspondent

Friday, March 14, 2008

CASP's Dr. Zheng examines Potato Cultivation in Ampara District

Daily News (page 3) - March 14, 2008

Canadian Agro Sustainability Partnership's (CASP) Agricultural Specialist Dr. Zhiming Zheng was in Sri Lanka on the invitation of CASP's President Douglas MacArthur to assist in a research on Potato Cultivation Projects, specially the soil in which this cultivation is undertaken by the farmers of the District. Here, he is inspecting a snakegourd produced by a cultivator in his subsidiary food crops cultivation in Kuduwil. Deputy Director Agriculture P. Nimal Dayaratna, Research Officer Y. B. lqbal, Potato Specialist M. I. M. Nazeer and CASP's Ampara Manager I. R. Mirzaa were also present. 

Picture by M. A. Phakurdeen, Addalaichenai group correspondent