Friday, August 08, 2008

Awareness on Violence Against Women

Daily News (page 5) - July 7, 2008

An Awareness Creation Programme on ‘Violence against Women” organized by CASP (Canadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership) with the assistance of Mother and Child Social Welfare Association was held at RDS Hall Addappallam, Nintavur recently.

The programme, which was held under the chairmanship of Director of CASP’s Centre for Gender Studies Dr.Anuzsiya Senathirajah, was attended by a large number of women from all walks of life from Tamil and Muslim Communities in the village of Addappallam and suburbs in the Nintavur DS Division.

Gender Specialist K.Sri Chitra assisted by Nadarajah Nisahanthi of Crisis Centre played a major role in conducting this programme. Domestic violence, Street violence, Understanding each other, Give and Take Policy, Narrow down the Gap between the two and decency in talking each other were the main topics taken for the awareness programmes. Group discussions, group works question and answers were also held.

Directors of the Centre for Gender Studies along with President Dr.M.A.Ifthikar and Secretary M.P Suibaitha of Mother and Child Social Welfare Association played a major role in conducting this programme where Senior Female lecturers of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka actively participated in the programme.

Picture by MA Phakurdeen, Addalaichenai group correspondent